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BCC Breakfast, The Pursuit of Happiness, September 28, 2018

This morning, I've titled my presentation “The Pursuit of Happiness”,…

4 Fears Men Struggle With

What I’m going to be speaking on this morning is, The Fears…

A Life of Excellence

Good morning. It's a real honor for me to be with you today to…

BCC Breakfast, The Fears Men Struggle With, March 23, 2018

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Level 4 Friendship

Level 4 Friendship

Freedom and happiness breakfast talk
Waving a white flag
Howard Hendricks

Finishing Strong

One of my favorite teachers and speakers was Dr. Howard Hendricks.…
On Point With Your Family

On Point With Your Family?

Sex at First Sight For more information on the book…
Breakfast talk audience

The Search For Meaning In A Chaotic World

I really do want to welcome you to our breakfast this morning.…
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Richard Simmons III talk on A Life Of Excellence

A Life of Excellence “This book lays out three principles…

Pain, Suffering and Evil Part 2: Preparing For And Responding To Pain And Suffering

It seems that when it comes to pain and suffering, I think our…
Pain and Discontentment