The Pearl of Great Value

One of Jesus’s shortest parables is one of my favorites because…

Cultural Suicide

I was out of the office on vacation last week. I thought about…

Remembering John McCain

John McCain passed away August 25, 2018 at the age of 81. By…

4 Fears Most Men Struggle With

What I’m going to be speaking on this morning is, The Fears…

The Power of Truthfulness

Clearly the blockbuster book of the year is Jordon Peterson’s,…

Protecting Our Greatest Treasure

A number of years ago I read a very good book titled Culture…

How Do I Look?

In the work that I do, I have noticed a common pattern in the…

The Walmart Story

I remember reading a fascinating interview with Laslo Bock, who…

Be Like Walter

In last week’s blog I shared some ideas from two of Charlie…

The Wisdom of Charlie Munger

I do not know if you are familiar with the name Charlie Munger.…
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Understanding Human Desire

I read some interesting words from Miroslav Volf, who is a theologian…

Part 3 Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

All right, this is part three of this series that we've started,…

Part 2 Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

Before I give you a little bit of a review, I wanted to share…

Part 1 Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

I chose to do this series because I think it's such a significant…

A Modern Parable

Steven and Samuel Chamberlain were identical twin brothers, born…