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Union Hill Publishing is a publisher of Christian and Inspirational book and audio content. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama. Find out more about our books.


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We provide content that will assist and empower individuals in their spiritual growth and personal development.

We also provide opportunities for individuals to actively and effectively share and minister to others throughout our world!


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Individuals who benefit positively from our content often want to immediately share it with others.

Purchasing through our Gifting Program will allow us to facilitate the packaging, handling, and shipping of your purchase to your intended recipients. We will also include a unique gift card compliments of you! Simply provide us with individual names and addresses and we do the rest! Your purchase may even qualify as a tax deductible donation!

Sharing a message with others that is inspiring and life changing is at the heart of what we do!
We make it easy for you to share inspiring books with friends, loved ones or someone in need.

When you buy a minimum quantity of books through our Gifting Program we take care of all the packaging, and shipping for you. A gift card will be included with every book compliments of you! Simply provide us with individual names and addresses for shipping and we do the rest! You may also have the books shipped directly to you. Your purchase may qualify as a tax deductible donation!

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Richard E. Simmons III

Author, Speaker, Counselor

Richard received his B. A. from the University of the South (Sewanee) in Economics in 1976. He later studied Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University prior to beginning a 25-year career with Hilb, Rogal and Hamilton, a property and casualty insurance firm where he served as CEO for ten years.

Much of Simmons’ life has been devoted to giving back to the community by advising businessmen and professionals. Through these experiences, he discovered he had a calling for teaching and public speaking.

In December 2000 Simmons founded the Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry. When he’s not spending time with his wife and three children, you will find him teaching, counseling, writing, and speaking. He is a renowned motivational and inspirational speaker to men’s groups across the country.

Richard welcomes inquiries about speaking to various groups, meetings and conferences. 


Roger Blackwell, Ph. D.

Author, Speaker

Dr. Roger Blackwell is co-author of Consumer Behavior, published in seven languages and ten editions and used in universities around the world.  His best-selling business books include From the Edge of the World (Ohio State Press, 1995), From Mind to Market (Harper Business, 1997), Customers Rule! (Random House, 2001), Brands That Rock (Wiley, 2004), and Consumer Driven Health Care(with Dr. Tom Williams and Alan Ayers, 2005).  He published over 100 articles inJournal of Marketing Research, Journal of Advertising Research and other scholarly and trade journals and twenty-five books and research reports.

He retired as Professor of Marketing at The Ohio State University, where he received the Alumni Distinguished Teaching award and 26 other awards teaching more than 65,000 students.  Lecturing on six continents, he was described by The New York Times as one of America’s top business speakers.  He was named Outstanding Marketing Professor in America by Sales and Marketing Executives and recognized for his leadership by Junior Achievement, The American Marketing Association and other groups.

Roger welcomes inquiries about speaking to various groups, meetings and conferences. 


Steve Briggs

Author, Speaker

Steve Briggs is a business and life insurance consultant, having retired from a senior executive position in a major life insurance company with almost 40 years of service.  Encountering his son’s battle with drug and alcohol abuse brought him to his knees as he came to realize how little he could do to help his son break away from his addiction.  Frustrated by hours of seemingly unanswered prayer he went to the Bible for answers – and as the answers came and as he began to experience some peace in the midst of the storm, he felt a clear call to share with others what God had done for him.

He and his wife, Lynn, founded The Freedom Source, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping others find help when they or those whom they love are struggling. The Freedom Source then spawned The Addiction Prevention Coalition which is engaged in challenging area youth to a leadership role in helping their generation resist the lure and destructive results of the drug and alcohol subculture through training in character, decision-making, and service – all with a foundation of truth based on Biblical principles.


Publishing Services

  • Concept & idea creation
  • Copy editing & text flow
  • Dust cover Jacket Design
  • Marketing & promotional plan design
  • E-book formatting
  • Content registration & ISBN US copyright registration
  • Order fulfillment & distribution

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