• Steve Ward

    Great wisdom, Richard, thank you. Whether we realize it or not, we all have a personal worldview, which is simply how we perceive the world around us to be. That worldview determines whether we see life as having purpose or as being random and meaningless, and it influences how we think and the decisions we make. Consciously or subliminally, we long for a vision that will energize our life and provide strength and optimism to move in the right direction each day. God is the answer to that yearning.

  • I find it interesting that many who declare that humans are the source of meaning in life find their life meaningless.

  • Rob

    If everything we do is driven by trying to make God the primary benefactor then we always have purpose. Every day we can strive to be better than before, and if we fall over we can get up, dust ourselves down and keep moving forward. We tap into His endless energy. When we try to rely solely on ourselves for motivation we stop when our strength runs out, we get distracted and take steps down the wrong paths. We compare ourselves to those around us rather than focussing on just being the best we can be for His glory, not our own.