• William Chenault Smith

    Richard, Great post. You cover a considerable amount of ground, and have done an excellent job in stating truth. I am not going to discuss this as it will keep popping up rabbit trails that we could all go down for man-years. Simply stated, I use two truths that I share with my shooting students as their purpose is to break one target at a time; only think on the target that is coming now. Excellence is not a skill or a talent – it is an ATTITUDE. And – The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary. bill

  • Warren Lightfoot

    An excellent post by Richard. Another way of putting it is that anything worth having comes at great cost, every time, all the time. Whether it is the cost of discipleship, the cost of raising children the best we can, the cost of working at a hard job or maintaining a strong marriage, there is no easy way, ever. Richard nailed it, as usual.

    • Becky Gray

      Agreed! The fruit that comes from that kind of dedication is sweeter as well.