• William Chenault Smith

    Richard, “all training is painful,” perhaps this is true if you are constantly pushing yourself. In high school in Louisville,KY we played against Howie Schelenburger and Paul Hornung who were a little over 3 years older. When I was in college I got to be friends with Paul as he would come to Lexington to gamble with John Y. Brown, Tommy Landrup, Gabe Gaberialson, me and several others. One evening one of the fellows asked Paul about practice with the Packers. Paul told us that what we see on Sunday at the games is like a walk in the park. It is the practice under Lombardi where someone is after your position, that makes practice so terribly grueling, combative, exceedingly rough and painful. The games on Sunday were a breeze compared to the practices.

  • Jackie Langlow

    Excellent! I think it is most telling in the words, ” every little action of the day makes or unmakes character.” This in itself is the real soul pleasing key to peace in your life. When the small decisions are made rightly without thought throughout your day, it has become habit to live in such a way that removes chaos from problem solving.
    This I believe can be achieved through learning. But how fortunate am I to have been exposed as a child to morality, kindness, and faith.
    Jackie Langlow