• William Chenault Smith

    Richard, Thanks for this story and the truth the it brings with it. When it comes to pardon I use President Nixon when Gerald Ford issued Nixon a pardon. There were 3 or 4 days there when we all were wondering if Nixon would receive or appropriate the pardon personally. The pardon was not in effect until Nixon personally accepted it.

  • tim tracy

    This post also raises for me a more fundamental question: In trying to understand who God is and what he’s like in his utter transcendence, is there a point where we may “anthropomorphize” too much and thereby draw erroneous or irrational conclusions about God? In other words, if a man rejects God’s pardon, is it true to present God as saying what Chief Justice Marshall essentially said: “I have no power in heaven to force it upon him”? Is it inconceivable that God may say something entirely different? It may be intellectually impossible to say anything about God without some element of anthropomorphism. After all, we are human. But is it impossible to say something about God that is closer to the truth of who God is, which draws more on one’s imagination than on one’s intellect?