• Thomas H Brigham Jr.

    Well said!

  • William Chenault Smith

    Interesting take on events and the use of the word perception. I live and meander around in the world or perception and reality as a sporting clays shooter. The man who sets the trap that throws the target is trying to fool my eyes (perception) into thinking that the target is doing something that it is not doing (reality) at all. 1992 Christian Laitner for Duke made a turn around shot that beat Kentucky. Everybody in the hall that night saw the same shot reality – not perception. BUT the grid in our mind that we all have through which events must pass determines our reaction or response. Those for Duke were ecstatic while those for Kentucky were crestfallen. Not because of perception, but because of reality. True our perception of events does give them the color and other sensual impressions – such as 4 people being a witness to an automobile accident, yet they give entirely different views of the same reality.
    Good writing to make us think. bill