Nehemiah – Recalibrate & Rebuild | Bible Study by Pastor George Shamblin | Episode One

Join our own Pastor George Shamblin in the first of a series of six Bible Studies on the book of Nehemiah. Each Bible Study will premiere live on Facebook and Youtube weekly on Mondays at 7PM Central.

Nehemiah is known for his work rebuilding Jerusalem during the 5th century B.C. His story is one of restoration, recalibration, and the rededication of the people of Jerusalem to the God of Israel.

It is also a uniquely pertinent story in this time we find ourselves in today. As we look to endure and recover from the adverse effects of COVID-19, we need to recalibrate and lock into something steadfast during these turbulent times.

As we discover in the book of Nehemiah as it relates to the present, nothing can help us better recover our bearings than the unwavering peace that can be found by setting our sights on Christ and following His word.

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