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Making A Difference

Recently I was having coffee with a man I had not seen in quite…

Are You A Janitor Or A Healer?

Two articles were published recently on the state of modern work.… (2)

What If I Am Wrong?

Several years ago I read a wonderful book by Fran Sciacca titled,…
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Nuggets of Wisdom

Every few months or so I like to share quotes that I have encountered…
9/30/1985 President Reagan and Katherine Graham talking at a private dinner for Prince Franz Josef II and Princess Gina of Liechtenstein in yellow oval room

A Remarkable Woman

During my high school and college years the news was dominated…

The Morality Conundrum

I recently read a very interesting book titled; Science and the…

The Modern Identity Crisis

We live in a time where almost everyone in our culture seems…

Why Are We So Fearful?

In the past year I have met regularly with two separate men.…

The Progress Paradox

A number of years ago, Forbes Magazine celebrated 75 years as…

Does Truth Really Matter?

The great American author, Flannery O’Connor once made the…

A Life Without Constraints

The great political philosopher Edmund Burke made this insightful…

To Believe Without Evidence

You are probably not familiar with the name William Kingdon Clifford.…