C.S. Lewis on Death and Resurrection

As an atheist, C.S. Lewis saw death as the inevitable end to…

BCC Breakfast, The Power of Hope, April 19, 2019

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Finding True Wealth

It strikes me that if I had to come up with one word to capture…

Why Am I This Way? - Part 2

Many years ago, in its infancy, Time magazine asked several hundred…

Why Am I This Way? - Part 1

Many years ago I asked a group of men if they believed human…

Transitioning Well, by Ken Boa

Edited Transcript Transitioning Well, by Ken Boa Birmingham,…

Good Morning Ozarks radio podcast

Good Morning Ozarks by KLFC Radio February 19, 2019 Guest: Richard… (2)

What If I Am Wrong?

Several years ago I read a wonderful book by Fran Sciacca titled,…
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Nuggets of Wisdom

Every few months or so I like to share quotes that I have encountered…

The Morality Conundrum

I recently read a very interesting book titled; Science and the…

The Modern Identity Crisis

We live in a time where almost everyone in our culture seems…

Why Are We So Fearful?

In the past year I have met regularly with two separate men.…

The Progress Paradox

A number of years ago, Forbes Magazine celebrated 75 years as…

Does Truth Really Matter?

The great American author, Flannery O’Connor once made the…

To Believe Without Evidence

You are probably not familiar with the name William Kingdon Clifford.…