Thoughts On Marital Conflict

In a marriage, conflict can manifest itself on various levels…

The Power of the Family

I believe that one of the most powerful influences in the lives…
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Teaching Our Children to be Wise

People often ask why I wrote the book Wisdom: Life’s Great…
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Does True Love Exist?

One of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God is the reality of love. Most people do not realize that if God does not exist, then love is an illusion. It is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain.

Human Loneliness

The article in the NY Times: "How Social Isolation is Killing Us.” points out that since the 1980’s, the percentage of American adults who say they struggle with loneliness has doubled from 20% to 40%. This is not the full story...
Level 4 Friendship

Level 4 Friendship

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Thanksgiving – Therapy for the Soul

If you look closely, you will notice a historical pattern in…
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How Do You See the World

Armand Nicholi is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard…
King Solomon

Solomon’s Insight on Money and Wealth

Numerous individuals would contend that King Solomon was the…
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The Devastating Consequences of Pornography

There is a woman who shared with me a story of a couple she knew personally. They were newly married, both virgins on their wedding day. Yet, on the first night of their honeymoon, the husband could not
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Finding Purpose in Our Work

A person’s perspective is of critical importance because it impacts the way we see the world. It impacts our priorities and the way we approach life. If you want to see long term change in a person’s life, you must first
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One of Life’s Most Important Principles

Hans Selye, a pioneer in discovering the impact of emotions on health and wrote over 30 books on the subject. In his landmark book called The Stress of Life, he discovered a principle crucial to a person's emotional health. He had a fancy term for it...
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The Value of Wisdom

Wisdom allows us to understand the laws and principles of life and therefore enables us to harmonize our lives with reality. Instead of running headlong into it, you can prosper in your relationship with it.

Satisfying the Desires of Your Heart

Yesterday someone sent me an article on describing the…
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Who Defines You?

Several years ago I listened to a lecture by author Donald Miller…