The Power of Compounding

I am convinced that an exceptional life is determined by how…

Nuggets of Wisdom - On Sound Judgment

Every few months or so I like to share quotes that I have encountered…

BCC Breakfast, The Power of Hope, April 19, 2019

Well, good morning. I want to start by just saying that my opening…

Transitioning Well, by Ken Boa

Edited Transcript Transitioning Well, by Ken Boa Birmingham,…

Making A Difference

Recently I was having coffee with a man I had not seen in quite…

Are You A Janitor Or A Healer?

Two articles were published recently on the state of modern work.…
9/30/1985 President Reagan and Katherine Graham talking at a private dinner for Prince Franz Josef II and Princess Gina of Liechtenstein in yellow oval room

A Remarkable Woman

During my high school and college years the news was dominated…

Walking in Wisdom, (the Summit, December 13, 2018)

Well, good morning. As Kevin said, I spend my life working with…

The Beginning of a New Year

As we approach 2019, I want to address an issue that has great…

The Epidemic of Loneliness-Part 3

This past Wednesday there was an article in The Wall Street Journal…

Cultivate a Thankful Heart

Last Year I wrote a book titled, The Power of a Humble Life.…

The Dragon in the Room

Close to twenty-five years ago, I read some words from Jack Welch…

The Disappointment of Life - Part 1

Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Cheever made this interesting…

BCC Breakfast, The Pursuit of Happiness, September 28, 2018

This morning, I've titled my presentation “The Pursuit of Happiness”,…

The Beauty of Discovery

We seem to clearly live in a time where sexual relations between…