The Wisdom of Charlie Munger

I do not know if you are familiar with the name Charlie Munger.…
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Understanding Human Desire

I read some interesting words from Miroslav Volf, who is a theologian…

A Modern Parable

Steven and Samuel Chamberlain were identical twin brothers, born…

Does Anyone Really Know You?

I find it most interesting that God made us so that we need each…

Care of the Soul

Since I have been on vacation this past week I thought I would…

Is America Going Broke?

Back on February 22nd of this year, John Cogan, a senior fellow…

Whose Opinion Matters Most?

Have you ever seriously thought about how your life is shaped…

A Life of Excellence


Failure: One of Life’s Greatest Blessings

Tony Campolo tells of a study done years ago by a group of sociologists.…
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The Secret to C.S. Lewis’ Greatness

Dr. Armand Nicholi, author of the book, The Question of God,…

The Fears Men Struggle With - BCC Breakfast

/ Download…

One of Life's Great Secrets

In my new book, The Power of a Humble Life I talk about our responsibility…
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A Life Transformed

Over the years, from time to time I will share a person’s story…

Seeking To Be Free From God

Back in the 1980s, the famous author Tom Wolfe gave a memorable…

The Greatest Cause of Misery in Our World

C.S. Lewis is considered by many to be one of the greatest authors…