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Are You in Control of Your Life?

So many people find it easy to believe in God and Jesus, regularly go to church, and to think they are leading a pretty good life. These same people seem to back away from the idea of truly surrendering.
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The Mystery of Sin and Evil

Have you noticed how modern secular people do not use the word…

Human Loneliness

The article in the NY Times: "How Social Isolation is Killing Us.” points out that since the 1980’s, the percentage of American adults who say they struggle with loneliness has doubled from 20% to 40%. This is not the full story...
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Christmas: God's Revelation To Us

One of my favorite books that I’ve read in the last ten years is There is a God by philosopher, Anthony Flew. He writes of his journey from atheism to theism. He died three years after the book was written, and I am not sure if he ever became a Christian, although in the book, he speaks of Christianity as being quite compelling.
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Wisdom: Life’s Great Treasure

For the last 50 years, I have been intrigued by the concept of…
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Historical Jesus

Christians believe that as wonderful as Jesus’ life and teachings…
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Sowing and Reaping

At 18 years of age, Jane Lucretia D’Esterre was a talented…
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How Do You See the World

Armand Nicholi is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard…
King Solomon

Solomon’s Insight on Money and Wealth

Numerous individuals would contend that King Solomon was the…

Are You Perfect Yet?

Are You Perfect Yet? No? Well what's wrong? You're a competent,…
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The State of the Gospel v. The State of the Union

Year after year I have longed to see a genuine change of heart for…
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Am I Prepared for the Storms of Life?

In his wonderful book 'Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants', Dr. Paul Brand makes a powerful and interesting observation about our attitudes to death...
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The Unraveling of Our Nation

There is a great concern in our nation that the rule of law is…

Modern Day Spiritual Heros

Several years back I had a casual conversation with a young…
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Does God Speak Today?

One terrifying day, Howard Rutledge’s plane was shot down over…