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The Essence of Humility and Its Power

The following blog is taken from Richard E. Simmons III newest…

Living In an Age of Arrogance

The following blog is taken from Richard E. Simmons III newest…

How to Be a Student for Life

The following is taken from Richard E. Simmons III newest book,…
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Am I a Nobody?

Today’s blog is taken from Richard’s new book, The Power…
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Truth and Our Perception of Reality

A famous writer was in his study. He picked up his pen and began…

Why Do We Feel So Bad When We Have It So Good?

A number of years ago, Forbes magazine had a special edition…
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How Human Sexuality Impacts a Culture

In the past two weeks I have noticed there has been a great deal…

The Power of a Humble Life

Talk began with video excerpt from Brian Regan's standup, "I…
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Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our views of sex and human sexuality have changed dramatically…
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How should we live?

In a key scene from a provocative movie that came out almost…

The Power of the Family

I believe that one of the most powerful influences in the lives…
Leap of Faith

A Choice Has to Be Made

I sometimes wonder how well we know ourselves, particularly the…
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Teaching Our Children to be Wise

People often ask why I wrote the book Wisdom: Life’s Great…
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Does True Love Exist?

One of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God is the reality of love. Most people do not realize that if God does not exist, then love is an illusion. It is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain.
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Financial Wisdom

Conspicuous Consumption is when you buy something, not primarily for its usefulness, but for the way it makes you look in the eyes of others. It is a boost for the ego. Let's look at the difference between being wealthy and wanting to be seen as rich.