Couple and sunset

How Human Sexuality Impacts a Culture

In the past two weeks I have noticed there has been a great deal…
Las Vegas

Why all the Violence in America?

The shootings in Las Vegas has dominated the news this past week…

The Power of a Humble Life

  Talk began with video excerpt from Brian Regan's standup,…
Water leaf

Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our views of sex and human sexuality have changed dramatically…

The Life That Could Have Been – Part II

In last week’s blog I asked why, for so many people, there…

The Life That Could Have Been

I have noticed a frustration in people’s lives that often starts…
Stream and Forest

The Soul's Thirst for God

I was recently reading about the life of Sigmund Freud and read…
Gospel of John

Gospel of John Study - Part 15

In Chapter 11, He raises Lazarus from the dead, and that’s…
Gospel of John

Gospel of John Study - Part 14

We’re going to continue on in the Book of John as we have been…
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How Archeology has Validated the Biblical Record

(Because of the Labor Day weekend I am re-posting this blog from…

The Power of Ideas

Have you ever thought about the ideas you have and how they shape…
Railroads at Night

How should we live?

In a key scene from a provocative movie that came out almost…

Faith, Intellect and the Heart

A number of years ago, I met with a man who I had been told was…

What is a Successful Life?

I often hear people make the comment, “He or she is very successful”…

Thoughts On Marital Conflict

In a marriage, conflict can manifest itself on various levels…