In Our National Interest

I recently read about a conversation that Philip Yancey had with…

Nuggets of Wisdom-Quotes for Summer 2019

Based on the positive feedback I have received on the Nuggets…

The Reality of Hell?

In the modern times in which we live, I find that the doctrine…

Living With Good Intentions

Ken Blanchard is an American author and speaker. And his book…

The Last Day of Your Life

Every once in a while I encounter an uplifting story that becomes…

The Power of Compounding

I am convinced that an exceptional life is determined by how…

Rules for Sex

I recently read a transcript from an interview with Jordan Peterson,…

I Need More Proof To Believe-Part II   

I remember reading a very interesting story by August Turak,…

I Need More Proof To Believe

A number of years ago the famous atheist Bertrand Russell was…

The Methodists' Dilemma - Part 2

Since last week’s blog on homosexuality in the church, a natural…
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The Methodists' Dilemma-Part 1

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the recent vote…

Nuggets of Wisdom - On Sound Judgment

Every few months or so I like to share quotes that I have encountered…

C.S. Lewis on Death and Resurrection

As an atheist, C.S. Lewis saw death as the inevitable end to…

BCC Breakfast, The Power of Hope, April 19, 2019

Well, good morning. I want to start by just saying that my opening…

Finding True Wealth

It strikes me that if I had to come up with one word to capture…