The Power of Truthfulness

Clearly the blockbuster book of the year is Jordon Peterson’s,…

Protecting Our Greatest Treasure

A number of years ago I read a very good book titled Culture…

How Do I Look?

In the work that I do, I have noticed a common pattern in the…

The Walmart Story

I remember reading a fascinating interview with Laslo Bock, who…

Be Like Walter

In last week’s blog I shared some ideas from two of Charlie…

The Wisdom of Charlie Munger

I do not know if you are familiar with the name Charlie Munger.…
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Understanding Human Desire

I read some interesting words from Miroslav Volf, who is a theologian…

Part 3: The Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

All right, this is part three of this series that we've started,…

Part 2: The Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

Before I give you a little bit of a review, I wanted to share…

Part 1: The Pursuit Of Happiness: Why Is It So Elusive?

I chose to do this series because I think it's such a significant…

A Modern Parable

Steven and Samuel Chamberlain were identical twin brothers, born…

Who Is In Control of My Life?

At this stage in my life I have concluded that deep, substantive…

The Mystifying Celebrity Suicides

I do not know if you have noticed how mystified the media is…

Am I Religious Enough?

Many people seem to think that Christianity is one of the many…

Does Anyone Really Know You?

I find it most interesting that God made us so that we need each…