Aerial view of Hippos Sussita

How Archeology has Validated the Biblical Record

(Because of the Labor Day weekend I am re-posting this blog from…

The Power of Ideas

Have you ever thought about the ideas you have and how they shape…
Railroads at Night

How should we live?

In a key scene from a provocative movie that came out almost…

Faith, Intellect and the Heart

A number of years ago, I met with a man who I had been told was…

What is a Successful Life?

I often hear people make the comment, “He or she is very successful”…

Thoughts On Marital Conflict

In a marriage, conflict can manifest itself on various levels…
Big Tree

Can a Person’s Life Truly be Transformed?

More and more adults today are waking up to the reality that…
Gospel of John

Gospel of John Study - Part 13

  Just to kind of let you know where we’re going…

The Power of the Family

I believe that one of the most powerful influences in the lives…
war in jerusalem

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism-Part II

Part one of this blog was posted two weeks ago on June 26, 2017.…
Gold nuggets

More Nuggets of Wisdom

My last blog of 2016 was a series of quotations I came across…
Ancient Manuscript

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism-Part I

All ancient literature that we have in our possession today came…
Leap of Faith

A Choice Has to Be Made

I sometimes wonder how well we know ourselves, particularly the…

The World’s Most Widespread Illness

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization announced that…
Construction worker

Finding Passion in Your Work

Recently I read of an interesting study that was published in…