Hope for a Broken World

A number of years ago I heard the prominent lecturer and author…

Care of the Soul

Since I have been on vacation this past week I thought I would…

Is America Going Broke?

Back on February 22nd of this year, John Cogan, a senior fellow…

Follow the Truth Wherever It Leads

In last week’s blog, I closed by asking if the problem of the…

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe: What Does It Mean?

When the famous atheist Christopher Hitchens was once asked what…

Whose Opinion Matters Most?

Have you ever seriously thought about how your life is shaped…

A Life of Excellence

Good morning. It's a real honor for me to be with you today to…

Failure: One of Life’s Greatest Blessings

Tony Campolo tells of a study done years ago by a group of sociologists.…

Nuggets of Wisdom

Every 6 months or so I like to share quotes that I have encountered…
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The Secret to C.S. Lewis’ Greatness

Dr. Armand Nicholi, author of the book, The Question of God,…

BCC Breakfast, The Fears Men Struggle With, March 23, 2018

/ Download…

What Would It Mean If He Really Did Rise?

Last week we looked at the evidence for the resurrection. With…

Why the Resurrection Can’t Be Debunked

As we approach another Easter, the secular minds ask, “Is it…

One of Life's Great Secrets

In my new book, The Power of a Humble Life I talk about our responsibility…
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A Life Transformed

Over the years, from time to time I will share a person’s story…