A Life of Excellence

Wisdom for Effective Living

Life is governed by certain laws and principles. These laws and principles are not “good” or “bad” or “moral” or “immoral.” They are simply true. However, what is so crucial for us to grasp is that these principles actually make life predictable.

Such an understanding creates the potential for more predictable outcomes in our lives. Most significantly, our lives will flourish when they are in harmony with these principles.

“This book lays out three principles that clearly point to a life of excellence. I am convinced that if one lives in accordance with these principles, his or her life will flourish and prosper.”

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Richard Talks about A Life of Excellence


Richard Simmons’ presentation on charting a path that can enable us to meet our personal goals and accomplish the things that are important to us was magnificent. He has a true gift for making a complicated topic easy to understand.
Billy Bates, Managing Partner, Starnes Davis Florie

Richard Simmons addresses one of the most important issues we face: how do we bridge the gap between our dreams for our lives and the reality of the lives we actually lead?
Norman Jetmundsen, VP and Associate General Counsel, Vulcan Materials Company

Richard’s message directly correlated with the bank’s core values and will make us a better company.
Forrest Whatley, managing Director, Oakworth Capital Bank

If you or your organization are looking for someone to deliver a positive message that can help each individual, I highly encourage you to consider Richard Simmons. I am confident that our staff will reap future benefits by putting his suggestions into action.
Grantland Rice III, President, Cobbs Allen