The Power of a Humble Life

”Humility begins with understanding who deserves the credit for
all that we are and all that we have.”  – Richard E. Simmons III


The Power of a Humble Life – Preview Chapter

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From the Author

Why do we feel compelled to impress other people?And why are we always comparing ourselves with others? Why can’t we just be content with who we are and what we have?Then there is, of course, the big question. The one question we are always asking ourselves. The question that must finally be answered before we will make certain decisions. It is a question that I believe haunts many people’s lives:

What will people think of me? 

This book examines what I consider one of life’s greatest paradox, that strength is found in humility. The problem is, humility does not come naturally to us. As we grow up, we find that pride is ingrained in our very being as we seek to prove to the world that our lives matter. We want to stand out in the crowd. Very few of us want to be completely out of the limelight with a sense that his or her life is not important. One of the most important truths I have learned over the course of my life is that we are responsible for seeking a humble life and cultivating a humble heart. We must therefore realize that humility is a choice that we must first make, and then pursue.
 Richard E. Simmons III


“This is a powerful book!”
– Ben Crenshaw, golf legend and two-time Masters Tournament winner

“Just finished The Power of a Humble Life and learned a great deal. The research is superb and inspired me to focus more on humility.”
– Bill Curry, former head coach, University of Alabama

“In the midst of our complex, fast-paced and polarized society, Richard Simmons’ new book, The Power of a Humble Life, reminds us of the deep value of gratitude for our blessings, simplicity in our affairs, and humility before God and our fellow human beings. Simple but profound truths are contained in this book, just as they are revealed to those who seek earnestly for God’s will in their life.”
– Dr. Robert Pearigen, President of Millsaps College