The True Measure of a Man – Prison Edition

Testimonials from Inmates

My biggest eyeopener was chapter 3, “A Man’s Identity”. My life has been shaped by the culture. I learned most of my wrong perceptions from friends, TV, movies, and from parents who went to church, but did not have a clue about the Bible and what it really taught. I learned quick to compare myself to others and define myself by what I did, who I knew, and what I had!

I was out to impress the wrong audience and I was confused about my true value and worth. I gave others the power to determine my significance. I was not concerned with a “legacy”, just how others saw me. I have since learned not only the truth about God, but also the truth about my value to God. I am now free from a self-centered life with fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of punishment, and even shame.

Christ has given me a whole new identity. I am learning to listen for God and the direction that He wants my life to go. Through chapter 3, I have learned to experience true security and significance that I was created for. Day after day, I am removing Satan’s oppressive lies and replacing them with God’s liberating truth.
– Inmate, Rutledge State Prison, Columbus GA

“This book communicates the truthful, Godly message as to what it truly means to be a man! The message in this book has made me an effective, godly mentor in the lives of other inmates.”
– Inmate, Bibb County Correctional Facility

“The book’s chapter on contentment significantly deepened our conversation especially when we factored in the impact of understanding God’s calling and purpose. Suddenly, several men realized how even in prison, their lives have a purpose. It was an awesome moment!”
– Group Leader, Childersburg Correctional

“Since being imprisoned and losing my family, I have surrendered my life to Christ. This book and the small group discussions give me strength and are allowing me to know God’s plan and purpose for me in prison.”
– Inmate, Donaldson Correctional Facility

About the Author

Richard E. Simmons III is the founder and executive director for The Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry located in Birmingham, Alabama. Simmons opened The Center in 2000 to assist men in the development of their faith through formal Bible studies, teaching, and counseling while also overseeing a talented group of professional and personal counselors.

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Prison Ministry

This is our 8th year to be in the Alabama prison system, reaching over 450 men in Bibb and other related Alabama facilities. We worked with over 450 men in 7 Georgia state facilities, and have now expanded into the Metro Atlanta Re-entry facility. The Spanish translation of our True Measure of a Man Prison Edition is now complete and awaiting final editing.

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