Illustrated house on cliff in storm

Am I Prepared for the Storms of Life?

In his wonderful book 'Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants', Dr. Paul Brand makes a powerful and interesting observation about our attitudes to death...
Gone but not forgotten gravestone

The Legacy We Leave Behind

Have you ever wondered how your life will be remembered once it is over? What will be the legacy we leave behind? It helps us to reflect and reconsider who it is we most desire to please.
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Fugitives from Reality

Pensees, defending the Christian faith, rests his argument on one simple and undeniable fact; that human beings are unhappy. He saw that all humans were on a desperate search for happiness but were finding it to be elusive.

If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?

Human beings, no matter how courageous we appear to be, whether…

The Value of Human Life

(This blog is a follow-up to last week’s post, Evil and the…