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Wisdom: The Key to a Healthy Life

If you examine our culture closely you cannot help but notice that modern people are not very healthy. There is extraordinary dysfunction, and many adults, teenagers and children struggle to cope with life. Why?
Wisdom : Life's Great Treasure

Wisdom and the Pursuit of Happiness

Below you will find the third essay in my new book, Wisdom: Life’s Great Treasure. It explains the relationship between wisdom and our pursuit of happiness.
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Wisdom: Life’s Great Treasure

For the last 50 years, I have been intrigued by the concept of…
King Solomon

Solomon’s Insight on Money and Wealth

Numerous individuals would contend that King Solomon was the…
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Fugitives from Reality

Pensees, defending the Christian faith, rests his argument on one simple and undeniable fact; that human beings are unhappy. He saw that all humans were on a desperate search for happiness but were finding it to be elusive.

Satisfying the Desires of Your Heart

Yesterday someone sent me an article on describing the…
Chained Down

Freedom and the Search for Happiness

Recently I have been studying the issue of freedom and what it…
Car in pursuit

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Several years ago, Dr. Darrin McMahon, a history professor at…


BCC Breakfast, The Pursuit of Happiness, September 28, 2018

This morning, I've titled my presentation “The Pursuit of Happiness”,…

The Pursuit Of Happiness, Part 3: Why Is It So Elusive?

All right, this is part three of this series that we've started,…

Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness

The topic that I want to address this morning is fascinating. …