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The Devastating Consequences of Pornography

There is a woman who shared with me a story of a couple she knew personally. They were newly married, both virgins on their wedding day. Yet, on the first night of their honeymoon, the husband could not

Saving Your Marriage

Philip Yancey shares some interesting insights on the difficulty…

Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

All great civilizations believe in moral boundaries. In fact…

One of Life’s Great Treasures: Friendship

When I am asked why the Center for Executive Leadership works…

Thoughts on Marriage – Part II

The natural tendency of everything in life is to move from order…

Thoughts About Marriage

I watch many couples struggle in their marriages, and I see…

What is the Purpose of Sex?

I sometimes wonder how effective we are in teaching our children…

Do The Impossible And Be Humble About It!

There's a story in the Bible (Matthew 14:13-21), that is very…


The marriage you really want

The Marriage You Really Want

Two part video and audio series. Part One Download Part…
Finding the True Riches of Life

Finding The True Riches of Life

Last week we talked initially about men’s desire for a life…