Paul Barber

Paul began his business career at Ernst and Young where he spent 5 years in the audit division working with major accounts that included Russell Corporation, McGriff, Seibels & Williams and Integraph Corporation. Paul spent 25 years at McGriff, Seibels & Williams in a variety of executive leadership roles including Senior Vice President of Finance and Branch Administration. He leads several young businessmen round tables where the teaching centers on Spiritual Formation, Character Formation and Leadership Development.

Paul grew up in a broken home and is all too familiar with the loneliness of men who struggle with father wounds and mother wounds. The BMH year long discipleship process is a powerful tool to help men discover that God has been writing a story most beautifully articulated through pain and struggle. Paul also leads six week studies on Authentic Manhood which helps men address their natural propensity toward passivity and move toward God’s design of courageous leadership in their family, community and business. Paul is a graduate of Dan Allender’s lay counseling program which affirmed his belief in the power of our individual story in the context of God’s larger narrative.

Paul also feels called to help young men answer the first question Jesus posed of his initial followers in the Gospel of John: “What are you seeking?” Paul’s translation of that question includes, “what do you want?” or “what will define your life?” Helping men find the answer to that question is the gateway to their finding their own sense of calling and life purpose.


Paul grew up in Opelika and met his wife Vicki, a Birmingham native at Auburn University. They have been married for 31 years and have four children and one grand daughter. Paul and Vicki have made their home in Birmingham since 1985.