“Should you read this book? If you can relate to any of the following, you will definitely want to soak in Richard Simmons’ soul-probing The True Measure of a Man:You are weary, you’ve lost your way, or never found it. You’ve been humbled, had all the props knocked out, and been turned upside down. You want to know how you got off track, get your bearings back, and figure out what really matters. You want to surrender to the truth, and you’re tired of living a lie. However, if you still think you’re smarter than everyone else, you just wouldn’t get it. This is a book I plan to read again.”
— Patrick Morley, PhD, author of The Man in the Mirror and How to Survive the Economic Meltdown

“As a coach, I’ve always had a desire to help shape the character of young players. Later, that burden extended to men in general through Promise Keepers. The True Measure of a Man captures the importance of character over achievement. Richard connects the dots for men who are looking for something more in their lives than mere success. I recommend this book for men at any stage of their lives.” —Coach Bill McCartney, founder of Promise Keepers, author of Two Minute Warning

“Richard E. Simmons, III’s book, The True Measure of a Man, is so full of common sense and practicality. It is especially poignant and meaningful at such a critical time in our country. May we all come to know God’s grace, that he might teach us humility and kindness for all.”
—Ben Crenshaw, golf legend, two-time Masters Tournament champion

“Life inevitably presents us with difficult challenges, often as a consequence of the unhealthy and unrealistic expectations we impose upon ourselves and others. The resulting disruption demonstrates the need to be resolutely clear about our priorities and ever vigilant in bringing the proper perspective to all of the issues and opportunities of life. Richard Simmons’ The True Measure of a Man vividly presents the tensions and traps each of us must confront on a recurring basis and masterfully teaches what truly matters. It makes for compelling reading-so much so that I read it twice.”
— W. Stancil Starnes, Chairman & CEO, ProAssurance Corporation

“In the True Measure of a Man, Richard Simmons gathers a wide variety of compelling stories, illustrations, quotes and scriptures, and he delivers a timeless message that men desperately need to hear.”
— Danny Wuerfell, former Heisman Trophy winner

“Richard Simmons knows the hearts and speaks the language of today’s business leaders. His message of God’s lovingkindness and our need for self-examination, purpose, and contentment is profound. It is a timeless message, but an all the more compelling one during these challenging times.”
— Dr. Rob Pearigen, President, Millsaps College

“Richard Simmons’ book, The True Measure of a Man, provides inspirational and powerful answers to so many of the challenges men face in today’s world. He helps men better understand the forces that drive them and provides a framework for us to deal with issues we cannot and should not avoid. Ultimately, he provides us with a vision of the type of men we can become! Simmons’ timeless wisdom is a must read and should be shared from generation to generation.”
— Lee Styslinger, III, President & CEO of Altec, Inc.

“The True Measure of a Man is a timely book, as I have seen many men go through difficult times these last few years. I believe one of the most critical needs for a man in times of economic distress is wisdom. Richard provides powerful insight into how to respond to the storms of life, and where a man should get his true identity. It is a very meaningful book!”
—Miller Gorrie, Chairman and CEO Brasfield and Gorrie Construction

“Richards book: The True Measure of a Man, provides answers to men’s deepest questions, and helps them understand what they are feeling as they go through the storms of life. He points us to a life of contentment that can only be found in the Lord. I believe every man should read this book.”
—Pat Sullivan, former Heisman Trophy winner, head football coach, Samford University

“Richard Simmons has inspired me and my Christian walk for many years. I was anxious to read his book, “The True Measure of a Man” and enjoyed it immensely. It cut right to the heart of what is truly important in life. As we all strive to live successful lives, Richard’s message about living a life of significance was inspiring for me.”
—Joe Dean, Jr., Athletics Director, Birmingham Southern College

“This is an amazing book! I highly recommend it to all men.”
—Jay Barker, former college and professional football player, sports commentator 

“Richard Simmons knows men and he knows the gospel. The True Measure of a Man is a masterful presentation of the truth of the gospel to us men who are all too prone to seek our identity in affluence and accomplishment rather than Jesus Christ. Simmons shows with compelling insight that the call of Christ provides the true measure of every man.”
—Drayton Nabers, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice

“There is an old Appalachian saying that is derived from a folk game. If you have done very well, you have “shaken the rag off the bush.” Richard Simmons has “shaken the rag” with True Measure Of A Man. This work is so full of practical insights about life and death, it should be distributed, like an owner’s manual, to all men over thirty.”
—Barry M. Buxton, President, Lees-McRae College

“There have been many books written about success. Success, like wealth, has many definitions. The best way to measure success is on a personal level. Richard Simmons’s book The True Measure of a Man challenges us to enter into a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As you read this book, no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, it stirs up a desire to love Him more—to truly know Him. This is a must reading for this season.”
— Heeth Varnedoe, III, retired president and COO of Flowers Foods

“Most every male has been told throughout his life to “be a man.” Today’s vernacular says “Man UP!” But most people have no concept of what that means. Richard Simmons addresses the issue of how to measure our manhood. He helps us discover in a clear and powerful way what makes us feel like a man, look like a man and be a real man. You will be empowered to experience joy and contentment as you read “The True Measure of a Man”.
—Dr. Cliff Self, Man UP Ministries, Author: Man UP, Release the Champion in You