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Jimbo leads and provides volunteer training for weekly discipleship for men using Richard E. Simmons’ best-selling book, The True Measure of a Man. Programs are available with local businessmen as well as with inmates in the State and Federal Department of Corrections.

THE True Measure of a Man

In our performance-driven culture this book provides liberating, Biblical truth on how to be set free from the fear of failure, comparing ourselves to others and the false ideas we have about masculinity.

  • Reveals the truth and accompanying lies of living in and being driven by a performance-based society
  • Understand where true wealth and riches come from
  • Experience and lead others into genuine repentance
  • Be encouraged to share the gospel with other men and help them find their purpose in life
  • Two editions, designed for community groups or prison ministry settings

Community Leadership

The True Measure of a Man, and accompanying study guide, is great for one-on-one or group settings.

“Should you read this book? If you can relate to any of the following, you will definitely want to soak in Richard Simmons’ soul-probing The True Measure of a Man: You are weary, you’ve lost your way, or never found it. You’ve been humbled, had all the props knocked out, and been turned upside down. You want to know how you got off track, get your bearings back, and figure out what really matters. You want to surrender to the truth, and you’re tired of living a lie. However, if you still think you’re smarter than everyone else, you just wouldn’t get it. This is a book I plan to read again.”
Patrick Morley, PhD, author of The Man in the Mirror and How to Survive the Economic Meltdown

“Richard Simmons addresses the issue of how to measure our manhood. He helps us discover in a clear and powerful way what makes us feel like a man, look like a man and be a real man. You will be empowered to experience joy and contentment as you read “The True Measure of a Man.”
—Dr. Cliff Self, Man UP Ministries, Author: Man UP, Release the Champion in You

Prison Ministry

The book, along with supplemental reading and study guides, are the primary resources for an 8-week program. Leader training is also available.

 “This book communicates the truthful, Godly message as to what it truly means to be a man! The message in this book has made me an effective, Godly mentor in the lives of other inmates.”
– Inmate, Bibb County Correctional Facility

“The book’s chapter on contentment significantly deepened our conversation especially when we factored in the impact of understanding God’s calling and purpose. Suddenly, several men realized how even in prison, their lives have a purpose. It was an awesome moment!”
– Group Leader, Childersburg Correctional

“Since being imprisoned and losing my family, I have surrendered my life to Christ. This book and the small group discussions give me strength and are allowing me to know God’s plan and purpose for me in prison.”
– Inmate, Donaldson Correctional Facility

For more information about these programs, contact Jimbo Head at jimbo@thecenterbham.org or 205-907-5151.

About the Prison Ministry

This is our 8th year to be in the Alabama prison system, reaching over 450 men in Bibb and other related Alabama facilities. We have worked with over 450 men in 7 Georgia state facilities, and now expanded into the Metro Atlanta Re-entry facility. To learn more about the book and read testimonials from inmates, visit The True Measure of a Man (Prison Edition). For an update on our program with the Georgia Department of Corrections, see page 10 of the magazine, Impact Georgia Magazine, April 2019.

How to Volunteer in the prison ministry

Georgia Department of Corrections

Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services
300 Patrol Road
Office HA-205
Forsyth Georgia 31029
PHONE 478-992-5908

Web-based Volunteer Application Process

Contact the chaplain at the facility where you wish to serve. Log onto the Department of Corrections website. Click How to Volunteer icon on left menu, Begin application processwatch the video of Dr. Turner, take a brief quiz which covers information from Dr. Turner’s video. From there, you’ll be moved through the remaining application process automatically via the Georgia Department of Corrections website application portal.

Volunteer Renewal Process

Volunteers must renew their badges and credentials every year. Please visit the link below, print out and complete the forms, and then submit to the Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services at the address listed above.


Alabama Department of Corrections

Volunteer Application Process

Download and print the form linked here, and submit to the Alabama Department of Corrections, Criminal Justice Center, 301 South Ripley Street, P.O. Box 301501, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1501

PREA Form (Pending)


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