We help fathers build relationships with their children by using communication techiques and methods that build relationships.

What are the markings of a genuinely good father? All of us think we know what that means, but few of us have ever considered what actions lead to that result. Like everything else in life, it’s impossible to have a great outcome without a great plan — and our fatherhood coaching ministry does exactly that. We help men analyze their goals for their children and for their relationships with their children, and we collaborate with them to develop strategies — both long-term and short-term — to achieve those goals.

The catch? Many of us didn’t grow up with fathers who knew how to build relationships with their kids. Because many men never had that relationship modeled well, we often struggle with building the right relationships with our kids. At The Center, we not only work with you to think through your communication techniques and methods with your children, but we also help you find ways to intentionally relate with them to build a relationship that will endure long after they’re grown.

One of our specific tools in this area is a ministry called Man Year. Man Year is designed to help fathers guide their sons into manhood by focusing on both the quality of their relationship and the foundational elements of becoming a man. This is a specific endeavor that will bear fruit in both the father’s life and the son’s life, leaving a powerful, purposeful impact for generations.

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